Research, Action Research, Field study & Case study

Research, Action Research, Field study & Case study

This has been performed by academic faculty of DIET and elementary teachers(under guidance/ supervision of DIET faculties) to till date.

1. “Students of class IV are weak in reading capability” – a field study for minimize the same - Rajen Dutta (DIET faculty).

2. “The students of class-I of Tiok Bogoriguri L.P. school cannot follow the correct directions while writing Assamese Alphabet”- A study- Trilochan Thakuria (DIET faculty).

3. “Elementary school students cannot draw without proper system/ technique of Art & creative education”- A study- Amal Kumar Layek (DIET faculty).

4. “Lack of Scientific Health & physical education exercise in Elementary school”- A field study.- Porash Kr. Bhagawati (DIET faculty).

5. “ Teacher & Community : A gap in Govt. LP School” – a case study - Hemanta Kr. Das (DIET faculty).

6. “A field study on weakness on reading capability of 2nd standard students of Nazira Station Tinali LP School”- Dipankar Chakaroborty (DIET faculty).

7. “Mistakes in using decimal points to represent decimal numbers” – Junish Patir (DIET faculty).

8. “Technique and methodology of good hand writing and its application” – Gunajit Barua (DIET faculty).

9. “Effectiveness of Evaluation on Pupils achievement” – Applied research- Raju Baruah (DIET faculty).

10. “3rd standard students of Tiok Garden LP school are not capable to spell and read Assamese word”- As study to minimize – Mrs. Papori Gogoi (DIET faculty).