Field Trip

Field Trip to Chalapathar Buddhist Monastery from DIET Sivasagar , Sonari

On 21st Of October, 2021, the faculty members along with the esteemed Principal of DIET Sivasagar, Sonari undertook a field trip to Chalapathar Buddhist Monastery. It was quite an interesting an eventfull day with a fascinating interaction with the holy monks and revered staff of the Monastery. The Principal had a delightful conversation with the venerate Headmaster of the noted Pali school located there. Chalapathar Buddhist Monastery is a popular tourist spot and is one of the oldest Buddhist Monastery located in the village of Tai Khamyang Tribe, Chalapathar Shyam Gaon, Lakwa, Charaideo, Assam. People flock the place to offer their prayers to Lord Buddha and to seek solitude from their busy lives. It is and enchanting and sacred place located here in the heart of Assam.