Academic Support Visit

Academic Support Visit as DACG member

As per discussion and decision in the DACG meeting in November 2020 the meeting decided to undertake school support visits in the district. As I am acting as Block Incharge of Demow Education Block , I visited a total 10 no. of secondary and senior secondary schools of the block. The name of the schools were---

  1. Banmukh Adarsha H.S.
  2. Banmukh H.S.
  3. Aphala Missing H.S.
  4. Desangmukh H.S.
  5. Nitaipukhuri H.S.S.
  6. Nitaipukhuri H.S.
  7. Demow H.S.S.
  8. Sukanpukhuri H.S.
  9. Dupani H.S.
  10. Demow Town H.S.

During the time of visit we observed academic and administrative activities that were up to the desired mark or not of the concerned schools ,observed the school development plan and necessary feedback as required, observed classroom transaction and lesson plan prepared and how they are executing in actual classroom practice. Academic support has been given as and when needed in the greater interest of academic upliftment. The status of the school was discussed in the DACG meeting for better progress.