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About - DIET Sivasagar

District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) was established as per recommendation of the National Policy of Education, 1986 as a support structure of the district to enhance and upgrade the elementary education system. As a government supported educational institute, DIET’s pivot purpose is to work for the all round development of the Elementary Education viz. school development & teacher development. Since its birth, DIET is conducting innumerable training programmes , seminars, workshops, research and study material designs to give ample support to develop teacher’s competence.

In Assam six DIETs were established in the first phase way back in 1989, in the second phase five DIETs were established while seven more were established in the 3rd phase i.e. 1996. DIET, Sivasagar, sonari, was established in the 3rd phase in the BTC Campus. Later on 17th January 2007, the Institute was shifted to its new campus adjacent to BTC Campus. The present Institute comprises three blocks viz. Administrative Building (Block A), Academic cum staff building (Block B) and classrooms (Block C).

Geographical location of DIET, Sivasagar, Sonari

It is situated under newly declared Charaideo district (previously a part of undivided Sivasagar district) in Bhojo, which is about 5.5 km away from Sonari town of district H.Q. and 52 km away from Sivasagar. To its north lies Bagariguri village, to the south Balijan village, to the west Sonari-Moran PWD road to the east stands the Ratanpur Tea Estate. Behind the Institution lies the warrior training field of the Ahom army. This spot has been protected by the local administration as well as Geological Survey of India as heritage site at present, which bears the rich history of the mighty Ahoms.

From the Principal's Desk

The District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) was established as a pivotal part of the larger mission of achieving excellence in education in India. As a part of the mission DIET, Sivasagar, Sonari has rigorously been involved in imparting training and orientation to the teachers both in pre-service and in-service education, developing resource supports such as extension, guidance, materials, teaching aids and tools, etc. and conducting action researches in the districts of Sivasagar and Charaideo. The changing global scenario exerts the Indian education system to be more flexible, holistic, experimental, integrated, learner centered and discussion based so that critical thinking and problem solving capabilities can be inculcated among students. Our institute is deeply dedicated to adapt with such changes. Our faculties commit to bring out efficient and capable teachers to meet the demands of current education scenario. Apart from this, we work closely with the various allied institutions, social workers, NGOs etc. to develop a collaborative approach to fulfill our vision and mission. We are planning to implement activities as per NEP-2020. We hope to build a competent educational system, attributed to high quality, equity and integrity in the districts of Sivasagar and Charaideo.

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