Report on e-content Development

Report on Online Training of Teachers on e-content Development for DIKSHA, VidyaDaan and Energized Textbook Conducted by DIET,SIVASAGAR,SONARI


A four days training on e-content Development for DIKSHA, VidyaDaan , was successfully conducted from 30.03.2021 to 01.04.2021 by DIET,Sivsagar, Sonari. A total nos. of 50 teachers from both LP, UP participated in the training from Charaideo District. The online training was conducted through the Google Meet platform. Four resource persons from DIET, Sivasagar, Sonari took their respective sessions to achieve the targeted outcome of the training

Target Group:

Teachers from Lower Primary, Upper Primary .

Objective of the training:

  • To familiarize with the ICT integrated learning and give handholding support to the teachers integrating classroom transactions in digitalized platform.
  • To build their capacity in handling ICT Gadgets, tools and techniques for creating a District Resource Group for giving helping hand on e-content development and other related tasks.
Date Topic/Session Total Participants Resource Person
30.03.2021 Welcome speech by Senior Lecturer, Sri Rajen Dutta ,
Orientation on importance of ICT
integrated learning, Use of ICT gadgets,What is
e-content,Guidelines fo creating e-content,
Following proper protocol, permission and
observing of copyright material, softwares
from open source platform, Using of internet
safely,Avoiding plagarism and misuse of digital
37 1. Tamachini Baruah, Lecturer

2. Dhruba jyoti Bora, Lecturer

3.Jurishmita Shyam, Lecturer
31.03.2021 Importance of Script writing for e-content
creation, voice over, working on audio editing
software from open source platform, Google
30 1. Tamachini Baruah, Lecturer

2. Murssana Borah, Lecturer

3. Dhruba jyoti Bora, Lecturer
01.04.2021 Practice session on Open Shot video editing
software, Practice session on Microsoft Office
PowerPoint, Session for Language Subject
Expert, Revision of earlier sessions, Feedback
taken in Google form, Give assignments to the
25 1. Tamachini Baruah, Lecturer

2. Dhruba jyoti Bora, Lecturer

3. Murssana Borah, Lecturer

Training Methodology/Strategies:

Training Methodology was through online mode in Google Meet Platform.

Support Mechanism Adopted for Training :

Adequate technical assistance in all the aspects for smooth conducting of online mode of training was given by the technician DIET ,Sivasagar, Sonari. Team spirit among the resource persons was the key for the successful completion of the training.

Challenges faced:

During the period of online mode training, we had not found any major challenges. Participants had given good responses to the training and enjoyed all the sessions as a new learner. They are looking forward for more such similar initiatives from DIET in near future, for giving a helping hand to integrate ICT in classroom transactions.

Follow up Action:

ICT Cell, DIET,Sivasager had created a “WhatsApp Group” for proper monitoring and follow up action to the trainees, in case of any difficulties thereof. Assignments were allotted to the participants on “Creation of E-Content” after completion of the training. Trainees had already submitted their nominations. The prime motto of the training is to create a “District Resource Group” for E-Content Development. Feedback was received from the trainees in Google Form.

Photographs of the Training Session:

Suggestions/Comments of Resource persons involved in the training:

As a pilot project, responses received from the trainees’ side were quite appreciating. Resource persons will keep an eye on regular follow up. Handholding support to the trainees will be provided when necessary. We are looking forward to conduct such similar training sessions in the district level for empowering more teachers in the digital platform.

Future Plan:

Strategies were made to create a Resource Group in each Educational Blocks of the District carrying the slogan of Digital School. Conducting of similar training sessions to the rest of teachers of the District, for the Creation of E-Content and handling of other multimedia applications